We are
the no 1 tyre
in Sri Lanka

Maxxis Quality Policy

We at Tyre House Group are committed to providing our customers with 100% Quality, Service, Trust & Satisfaction.
Maxxis team is dedicated in the pursuit of continual improvement; maintain high standards of quality, by application of Quality Management system principles and provide a friendly environment to our customers whose aspirations we are mindful of whilst processing a quality service.

Maxxis Quality Objectives

To become the admired importer and distributor, with a strong character and a loyal dealer network.
To create and retain a lifelong customer base, providing, world renowned Maxxis products and the finest service.

Maxxis Corporate Ambition

The Tyre House Group makes every effort to grow together with overseas principles of the `MAXXIS high technology product range. 40 years of periodic experience not found in books, gave opportunity to study both global and local from competitive environment to understand practical and strategic features derived from this entrepreneurship.
The Tyre House Group standing is always within the first 3 local tyre importing toppers and currently, Maxxis has become the apparent No. 01 tyre in Sri Lanka. MAXXIS International producers are amongst ten majors in the global Tyre Manufacturers Ranking. MAXXIS has been lovingly respected numerously with awards and honors in the highest degree by countries in the three continents stretching from USA to Japan.
Tyre House Group’s behavior and way of life is connected with this premium MAXXIS product - an automotive accessory produced with acclaimed engineering feat. MAXXIS roll up with the unconventional 5 ply zero degree over-wrap nylon cap, making MAXXIS PCR capable of running with loss in air pressure for a distance of 100km. It is a blend of many scientific aspects known by hitherto human history. Even so, time and again MAXXIS depends on future evolution.
Tyre House Group was undisputedly the first ever to lead a unique MAXXIS tyre brand name in Sri Lanka.

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